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The Adventures of Butthurt Anime Fan

Because I’ve met people like this. In all fandoms. I second the Cowboy Bebop recommendation, by the way. Definitely Cowboy Bebop. (H/T: Brad Torgersen)

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Three Nights of Ascension

It took a while, but I finally had enough free time to fire up the DVR and watch Syfy’s Ascension. The idea of a generation starship secretly launched during the Kennedy administration to preserve humanity on another world in case … Continue reading

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Groundskeeper Willie on Scottish Independence

A proud descendant of the Lewis Morrisons of Dùn Èistean, I was still torn on the issue of Scottish independence. Fortunately, Groundskeeper Willie set me straight.  

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Jesse Pinkman, Street Therapist

EXT. – STREET CORNER – DAY A bad neighborhood, where TWEEKER and TWEEKETTE argue. TWEEKETTE: You’re holdin’ out on me! TWEEKER: I ain’t holdin’ nuthin’, bitch! A ratty car squeals to a stop at the curb beside them. TWEEKETTE: It’s … Continue reading

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Caption This!

“An unexpected side effect of the rip in the space-time continuum, a young William Shatner sees his future self’s Director’s Cut of Star Trek V…”

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If My Wife and I Had a Daughter…

…she would probably be this girl. Or Arya Stark. One or the other.

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30 Facts About Me

1. The nurse at the hospital misspelled my name on the birth certificate. 2. When my nieces asked me which was cooler, Star Wars or Star Trek, I answered Babylon 5. 3. I got my first literary agent at 19. … Continue reading

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Christmas, with Jean-Luc Picard

Because it’s Christmas, and Captain Picard is awesome. Merry Christmas, readers!

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Well Played, My Love

For the last 12 years, I’ve been not-so-secretly trying to turn my Canadian wife into an American. But last night after work, I realized I was watching a Canadian TV show about bush pilots flying C-46s and DC-3s up the … Continue reading

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Patton Oswalt’s Epic Filibuster Pitch for Star Wars Episode VII

No matter how times I watch this, it just never gets old. Total. Geek. Heaven.

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