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The Adventures of Butthurt Anime Fan

Because I’ve met people like this. In all fandoms. I second the Cowboy Bebop recommendation, by the way. Definitely Cowboy Bebop. (H/T: Brad Torgersen)

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A Belated New Year’s Reading Resolution

This year, I will refuse to buy or read books where the blurb contains the phrases “ancient enemy,” “ancient evil,” “chosen one,” or “devastating plague.” “Zombies” is going to be a pretty tough sell, too.

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Three Nights of Ascension

It took a while, but I finally had enough free time to fire up the DVR and watch Syfy’s Ascension. The idea of a generation starship secretly launched during the Kennedy administration to preserve humanity on another world in case … Continue reading

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The Night the Nazis Came to Dinner

The Night the Nazis Came to Dinner by Sean McLachlan   The second story, “To End All Wars,” set in William Hope Hodgson’s Night Land and the longest of the four works presented here, is a five-star read. Moody, well-written, memorable, … Continue reading

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Like a Nerdy Xmas Present Just for Us

The Universe (or at least this morning) is a better place because this exists:

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Awake in the Night Land

Awake in the Night Land by John C. Wright This is a book that simultaneously makes you want to give up on your own writing (because you know that you’ll never, ever be this good) but also write even more … Continue reading

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Broken Eden

I spent ten years as a struggling, almost successful screenwriter. The first five years were one of the best times of my life. The second five years, not so much. Broken Eden was written near the end of those second … Continue reading

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Recapturing the Mood

This trailer for The Force Awakes feels like the movie I saw 14 times when  was 12 years old. That alone is a very welcome change from the prequel trilogy. And no 14-year-old “elected queens” spouting civics lessons. (So far.)

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Your Jaw-Dropping Stargate Fandom Awesomeness of the Day

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The single best thing about Interstellar is actually its idea that humanity is worth saving and not some evil, cancerous blight on the cosmos that must be renounced and left behind. It is the anti-Avatar, and has been badly needed. … Continue reading

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