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Overheard at Ross

“And how are you doing today, ma’am?” “Nifty.” “Great word.” “I’m bringing it back.” “Do you have your receipt?” “No, I’m buying this, and I’m bringing the word back.” “Oh.” (long pause) “Oh!” “Sorry. I went for coolness over clarity … Continue reading

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This Weekend, I…

…was completely ignored by my godson during trick-or-treating in favor of his grandma. …watched my godson completely ignore everyone but me during trick-or-treating after his grandma got tired of all the walking and went home. …dressed up as a Star … Continue reading

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Overheard While Sweeping the Stairs

“Give me your password, young man.”  “No!”  “You give me your password right now.”  “No!”  “Give me your password, or you’re grounded.”  “[password]”  “That’s your password?! You are so grounded!”

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