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What I Did This Weekend

Your move, Game of Thrones.

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This Weekend, I…

…was completely ignored by my godson during trick-or-treating in favor of his grandma. …watched my godson completely ignore everyone but me during trick-or-treating after his grandma got tired of all the walking and went home. …dressed up as a Star … Continue reading

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A Conversation with the FiOS Guy

This is how my home office looked for most of today: And this is what convinced me it would be worth it: Me: “So what Internet speed are we going to get, really?” Him: “You’ll get blah-de-blah-de-blah-blah-blah.” Me: “And that means … Continue reading

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In Good Company

Work, family, and yes, even Star Trek Online have conspired to keep from blogging, making a lot of headway on the next Many Earths novel, and reading that stack of physical books on my nightstand and that queue of e-books … Continue reading

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A Married Conversation While Playing Left 4 Dead

“What are you doing?! Get back in the helicopter!” “But Francis and Bill need help!” “Leave ’em! They’re just NPCs!”

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