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Awkward Family Holiday Dinner

Not quite my family, but close enough for therapy:

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After Christmas Fill-Your-Kindle Sale

41 Indie books on sale for only $0.99 each, now through January 1st! What are you still doing here? Go buy some books!  

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Merry Christmas

To all my friends and followers… …Merry Christmas!

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There May Be a Daedra Under the Tree…

…but at least I’ll have snow this Christmas in Skyrim: Hail, Companion!

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AUTO TUNES: “Thrift Shop”/”Santa Baby”

If you’re married to a woman who was raised by Germans, like I am, you end up watching a lot of Flula videos. Luckily, his Auto Tunes series is great fun: Even better, the near-obligatory Christmas appearance of “Santa Baby” … Continue reading

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Like a Nerdy Xmas Present Just for Us

The Universe (or at least this morning) is a better place because this exists:

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Secret Santa’s Indie Book Giveaway 2014!

Originally posted on The NoteBook Blogairy:
You know the holidays are coming and everyone’s beginning the scramble to get ‘just-the-right-gift’ for every person on their numerous lists (work friends, friend friends, family, associates, the doorman, mailman, UPS/FedEx persons, the pool…

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