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A Former Struggling Screenwriter Watches Knight of Cups, a Film About a Screenwriter

Because a friend thought it would be fun to watch a film about a screenwriter (Christian Bale) with a former screenwriter (me) and see how I would react: “Okay, no. Just no. First off, no screenwriter is this good-looking. And … Continue reading

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Life in Southern California: Whole Foods Edition

The Argument: The Rebuttal: The Decision:

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Link, Synopsis, Translation VI

Link: “27 Ways to Be a Modern Man” Synopsis: The Modern Man only eats popcorn at the movies during big action set pieces, because while chewing with your mouth open is a legitimate culinary/lifestyle choice that no one should judge, … Continue reading

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The Adventures of Butthurt Anime Fan

Because I’ve met people like this. In all fandoms. I second the Cowboy Bebop recommendation, by the way. Definitely Cowboy Bebop. (H/T: Brad Torgersen)

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Like a Nerdy Xmas Present Just for Us

The Universe (or at least this morning) is a better place because this exists:

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EXCLUSIVE: Sony to remake Footloose

One of my old Hollywood contacts has leaked me this exclusive footage from Sony’s upcoming remake of the American classic Footloose…

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