A Conversation with the Verizon Phone Rep

Verizon Phone Rep: “Can you please give us the tracking number for the Fios equipment you returned?”

Me: “You mean the tracking number on the preprinted and prepaid label that you sent to us?”

Verizon: “We sent you a label?”

[Later in that same call…]

Verizon: “I will note in the file that you say you’ve returned your Fios equipment.”

Me: “That’s what the last Verizon rep who called about this said. So yes, please note in your file that we’ve returned the Fios equipment that your call center keeps harassing us about. Please also note that one of your reps last week demanded we return the equipment that very day, said that we could to take it back to a Verizon store, and then we spent an hour in gridlock only to discover that you can’t return Fios equipment to Verizon stores in California. Thank you for that.”

Verizon: “So you would like the location of a Verizon store?”

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