Link, Synopsis, Translation V

Link: “Why Are Baby Boomers Desperate to Make Millennials Hate Ourselves?”

Synopsis: Millennials, who are awesome, are down on themselves after internalizing the “preposterous narrative” world view of the Baby Boomers, who are not awesome because they believe a good education, a good job, a stable partner, and maybe even a house and a car and a child all play a role in having a meaningful, fulfilling life. What fools! Why can’t Boomers realize they’re just the tiny handful of people lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time to enjoy the only “fleeting taste of a dignified existence” in the entire history of the world? Seriously, hard work had nothing to do with it. They don’t even pay their fair share of taxes, just like that that guy back in 1999 said. Boomers should pay more taxes so that Millennials, who are awesome, can get off society’s hamster wheel and its “toxic fiction” that a good education and hard work will get you anywhere. Sure, a “select few” actually own everything and rig the game for everyone, even the Boomers I guess, but we Millennials didn’t grow up in their house and see that disappointed look in their eyes after we snuck back inside drunk after curfew. It was a total police state, right down to the searchlight that always came on just before I reached the stairs. Okay, that was actually a lamp in the living room where my parents had been waiting up for me, but you get my point. It’s time “we acknowledge the socially determined nature of human existence” and let the Millennials, who are awesome, finally do the social determining and … Whoa, did that cartoon just make the main character a horse to hide that it’s just “another show about a white dude“? He’s probably a Boomer, too.

Translation: So the link to the actual Pew Study in this op-ed goes to another Guardian article about the Pew Study, but the only hyperlink in that article takes you back to this op-ed. Someone who had internalized the “profoundly delusional” Baby Boomer mentality about the importance of a good education and a work ethic might have caught that, maybe.

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