Link, Synopsis, Translation IV

Link: “First Ever Self-Destruct Novel Launched by James Patterson

Synopsis:  The “world’s best-selling author” (who doesn’t actually write his own books) has a cunning plan to save traditional publishing. First, one lucky fan gets the privilege of paying $294,038 to be flown to a Dick Cheney-esque “undisclosed location for a meal” with Patterson (breakfast, lunch, or dinner apparently still to be decided) and then have 24 whole hours to read “his” latest opus, after which that copy of the book will destroyed. Somehow. But surely in suitably dramatic fashion because a SWAT team, having nothing better to do, will be involved. Even more, 1,000 somewhat-less-lucky fans will be allowed to download this same book for free, which after 24 hours will self-destruct in Mission: Impossible–style fashion, though hopefully without also destroying their Kindles and Nooks.

Translation: SWAT is the new DRM. I did not see that one coming.

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