The Night the Nazis Came to Dinner

The Night the Nazis Came to Dinner by Sean McLachlan


The second story, “To End All Wars,” set in William Hope Hodgson’s Night Land and the longest of the four works presented here, is a five-star read. Moody, well-written, memorable, and full of very human reactions to the literally inhuman world around them. The collection is worth getting for that story alone (especially if you’re a fan of Hodgson’s Night Land in general or of John C. Wright’s Awake in the Night Land in particular).

The other three stories are three-star near-misses, starting well and full of interesting ideas but never quite nailing their endings in the same way “To End All Wars” does. Enjoyable while you read them, but not as memorable or effective as they could have been.

From Amazon:

A spectral dinner party goes horribly wrong. . .

An immortal warrior hopes a final battle will set him free. . .

A big-game hunter preys on endangered species to supply an illicit restaurant. . .

A new technology soothes First World guilt. . .

Here are four dark tales that straddle the boundary between reality and speculation. You better hope they don’t come true.

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