The single best thing about Interstellar is actually its idea that humanity is worth saving and not some evil, cancerous blight on the cosmos that must be renounced and left behind. It is the anti-Avatar, and has been badly needed.

My wife and I both grew up watching the NASA Apollo missions and the original Cosmos on old television sets. I went on to edit science journals and write science fiction. She went on to get a PhD in Astronomy. She was in tears at the end of this film, and I was close. And If I hadn’t already married her, I would have proposed then and there, in that theater, as the credits rolled.

This is not a perfect movie, but it’s one I never thought that I would see. This film is everything I heard for 10 years simply could not even be attempted, let alone done, in a big-budget Hollywood movie. So even when there was a misstep in the film-making, I only thought, “Keep going. Take another risk. I’m with you.”

It’s also a reminder of that vision of space, and our place in it, that we all lost sight of somewhere along the way, or stopped believing, and even dreaming, could actually be possible. I remember my father taking me as a young boy to a revival screening of 2001: A Space Odyssey, and saying how I would live to see everything on that screen. What I don’t remember is when, exactly, I stopped believing him.

Interstellar put that vision back in the minds of everyone in our theater, including myself. That alone was worth the price of the IMAX tickets, and overwhelmed any of its flaws.

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