This Weekend, I…

…was completely ignored by my godson during trick-or-treating in favor of his grandma.

…watched my godson completely ignore everyone but me during trick-or-treating after his grandma got tired of all the walking and went home.

…dressed up as a Star Trek Mirror Universe Red Shirt, because those Red Shirts never die.

…went to a Halloween party where not one person mentioned a single band I knew.

…found out my niece is having a girl.

…finally checked over the second proof copy of the next Films That Never Were book.

…almost bought this cookie:

should have bought this cookie…spent several hours wishing I had bought that cookie.

…rewatched World War Z and got fighting mad, again, over the film’s lack of knowledge about Philadelphia geography.

…tried, and failed, to find the right stock images and art that will let me remake the cover of Let No False Angels into what I really want, and what it really needs.

…realized how much better I’ve gotten at cover design these last two years:

broken eden print cover 2…visited one of the Bingle’s long-lost littermates and was stunned, again, by how nearly identical their personalities and mannerisms are.

…played too much Skyrim, again.

…forgot to set the clocks back.

…had the worst Bloody Mary ever.

…spent several hours in a coffee shop sitting near a man who sounded just like the creepy old neighbor with a thing for Chris Griffin on Family Guy.

…already started planning next weekend.

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