Fat White Vampire Otaku

Fat-White-High-Resolution-100-Percent-JPEG-640x10241Fat White Vampire Otaku by Andrew Fox



Andrew Fox has one of the most unique, off-the-wall voices of any writer alive. And to say I’m a fan is an understatement, given he’s the author not only of Fat White Vampire Blues, one of my all-time favorites, but also of The Good Humor Man, a book I would actually perform a black magic ritual to have written myself. The problem with that kind of voice and risk-taking is that sometimes it misfires, even if the skill and imagination of the writer keep the book enjoyable.

Fat White Vampire Otaku is an enjoyable misfire.

This book actually has three stories: how Jules and his vampire family survive a Katrina-like hurricane that hits New Orleans, how they help (or take advantage of) the recovery, and the strange effects they suffer from drinking the blood of three visiting Japanese superheroes who love jazz. Any one of these could carry a novel on its own. Mixed together, the various tones often clash, and only the last storyline feels truly fleshed-out and done justice. Which is a shame, because I’d love to have read full versions of all three.

That said, the third storyline is a laugh-out-loud blast, especially if you grew up watching old monster movies and sci-fi flicks on Saturday afternoons. Working the Japanese superheroes’ accents into their written dialog would be better done in a short story, though; here, it becomes a bit wearing after several chapters.

From Amazon:

The long awaited third installment in the Fat White Vampire series of humorous horror novels. Jules Duchon and his vampiric family suffer through the ravages of Hurricane Antonia and struggle to survive in a New Orleans which is almost entirely depopulated. Where will they get their blood? Salvation comes from the most unlikely source possible — a trio of Japanese superheroes called Bonsai Master, Anime Girl, and Cutie-Scary Man. Yet that salvation comes with a terrifying but laugh-inducing price … the blood which the three superheroes donate has unpredictable effects on Jules and his family. Chaos ensues as Jules is transformed into a seven-foot-tall white rabbit, his wife Maureen puts on three hundred pounds, and his mother Edna becomes a vicious human/vampire vacuum cleaner!


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