Link, Synopsis, Translation III

Link: “The Amazon E-Book Price Fandango: In Which a Corporation Shares Its Opinion, Because Apparently Corporations Have Those Now?

Synopsis: Head-scratching (and lengthy) comparison of the ice cream and e-book industries followed by criticism of someone else’s “poor analogy.” Not particularly veiled attempt to link Amazon even making a statement about ongoing negotiations with Hachette to the Citizens United, Hobby Lobby, and corporate personhood issues followed by criticism of someone else’s “emotional plea.” Snarky outrage at Amazon’s “catty jab” of mentioning Hachette’s role in illegally colluding to fix e-book prices high followed by an apparent endorsement of publisher price-fixing as letting “the market do its market-flavored thing.” Admission that he is “not a MONEYOLOGIST” and “likely to possess an entirely naive understanding of how commerce works” followed by, well, I’m honestly not sure which side he’s taking or what argument he’s actually making from this point on, other than everyone should pay the author more (I think).

Translation: I really enjoyed his novel Double Dead. I’ll have to get back to you on the rest…

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