Fresh Cut

22378744Fresh Cut by Eve A. Floriste


Dark memoirs of people dealing with early trauma and the bad decisions that follow later in life are a dime a dozen. This one works, though. The insider’s view of the flower shop industry alone is worth the read, and it makes for a great, original counterpoint (and sometimes complement) to the often extremely uncomfortable personal story. You’ll see the bad choices coming and want to shake her (“Snap out of it!”) but also never once lose sympathy, stop rooting for her, or want to stop reading. That’s a tough needle for any writer to thread, but this one pulls it off. Some of the other, more well-known authors of books like this could take a lesson from her.

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Fresh Cut is the story of “Eve,” a wild and destructive young woman with a dark past who finds unexpected solace in the colorful world of the floral industry. Based on the author’s own professional and personal experiences, the narrative can be disturbing and brutal but also surprisingly funny.

Reminiscent of the works of Bret Easton Ellis, Irvine Welsh, and Chuck Palahniuk, this is not a book for the squeamish or the faint of heart. Eve’s tale is macabre, twisted, wry, sexy, and very raw. (Contains some profanity, violence, and sexuality).

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