Link, Synopsis, Translation II

Link: “Self-Publishing Is Not Revolutionary – It’s Reactionary

Synopsis: Traditional publishing is actually far more democratic than indie publishing because “every writer can submit a manuscript” (pay no attention to getting an agent and everything that comes after submission), traditional publishers don’t care about sales and the market (in their quest to bring us the next paranormal teen romance series) yet their commercial titles subsidize “new and daring literary fiction” (those midlist authors dropped by the Big Five and now indie publishing? Squirrel!!!), and we indie publishers are reactionary Ayn Randian capitalists from Kindle Gulch who “reject community and mutual responsibility” and reduce readers to customers who deserve to get their money’s worth. Or something.

Translation: I’m gonna need more coffee. And a new keyboard.

UPDATE: The author of the article is currently listed as “now a full-time scribbler and meddler who has self-published his last three novels.” (Squirrel!!!)

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