One Thousand Years

1000yearsOne Thousand Years by Randolph Beck


“One Thousand Years” is a fine first novel. The writing is clear and easy to read, the pacing is good, and the book manages a satisfying ending while setting up a larger story with even bigger stakes. I do wish some of the descriptions had been more fleshed out and the conflict between events as they actually happen and history as its written by the victors had been given more time, but I’d rather an author leave me wanting more if I’m enjoying what’s there, which I did. Hopefully, a sequel will pick up that theme, because I definitely want to know what happens after the last page of this one.

From Amazon:

Nazis, Time Travel, and a Tuskegee Airman who won’t quit

“Don’t argue with me, Sam. Look where you are. You’re on a Luftwaffe starship. I assure
you, the United States gives up on the war.”

By April 1944, Allied victory in World War II was a foregone conclusion. Roosevelt and Churchill would accept nothing less than unconditional surrender. Giving up was out of the question. Defeat was impossible.

Lt. Sam McHenry, a black American fighter pilot, was about to see a lot of impossible things. Presumed dead after crashing into the sea, McHenry awakens aboard a Nazi starship from the future. They tell him the war will end very soon, and how the entire world will one day be ruled by the Nazi regime. And then he learns the worst news of all: The Allies won’t just lose. They will give up.

Hitler once said the Third Reich would stand for one thousand years. But McHenry knows that if Nazis could rule for one thousand years, they will rule forever. Sam McHenry will not let that happen.

Kindle | Paperback

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