Song of the Lamkee

song_of_the_lamkeeSong of the Lamkee by Barbara E. Hill

five stars

Song of the Lamkee is a flat-out great read. A rich and detailed universe. Well-drawn characters with believable reactions, motivations, and interactions. Descriptions that are vivid without overwhelming the reader. And pacing that keeps the story moving. Even better, only rarely (very rarely) does the wealth of information to get across ever slip into “As you know” dialog. I absolutely recommend this book, and I’m impatiently waiting for the second in the series.

From Amazon:

Talin is heir to a throne that governs worlds where technology was deliberately destroyed, outlawed. On Gaea, the existence of technology is so far in the past that it has become religion and humans now thrive in their medieval lifestyle alongside the only indigenous life-forms remaining: the lamkee. But when technology suddenly re-surfaces, a cold war over control of this Ancient legacy ensues between the secular rulers of the Principality and the holy men and women of the Logen who control the Artifacts of the Ancients. Only Talin realizes that there is more at stake than mortal power. When the lamkee lead him to the secret of the Ancients, the Logen respond with a war of epic proportion. To save his world, Talin must destroy his sister, ally with a friend gone rogue and stop the Logen before their bid for power reduces the last hope of humanity to the black ash of their mother planet, Erebis.

Paperback | Kindle

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