Epic Author Popularity Algorithm Fail

The problem with learning curves is that by the time you finish something, you finally grok what you’re really doing, so you want to go back and do it all over again from the start. That’s why I did the layout for the paperback version of Let No False Angels again. Because I finally grokked at least some the tricks to get that epic facepalm of a piece of software known as Word to do what I really wanted, and because loose lines really bug me.

That also meant the paperback was unavailable for a few weeks while I revamped the layout, and during that time, something truly strange happened…

epic author popularity algorithm fail

A used copy of my novel for $331.35? Even if my mother were an author popularity algorithm, she wouldn’t pay that. She loves the idea of having photographic proof, however.

Now that the paperback is available again, the used prices have come back down to earth. And yes, some small part of me is, in fact, disappointed…

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